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Studio Albums 1976 - 2005 - The Lo-Fi Years

This period is what Sean T Wright calls "The Lo-Fi Years". They are offered out of a sense of his own song-writing completion and chronology.  It's going to take a while to convert the cassette tapes to digital MP3s, and upload the entire back catalogue for this period - 49 albums! Along the way some cool people have said some cool things about his songs. It's all about the music!

"Wright is a new wave prototype... a high energy treat." -  BBC Radio 1, 1978.
"Wright is a talented DIY artist worth popularising," Max Bell, NME, 1979.
"Yep, I like the early lo-fi Sean Wright songs. The Carcass album is a classic, man." Daniel Johnston, singer-songwriter, 1999.
"Sean Wright has to be the musical find of the century! Electric songs," Dave Stewart, Eurythmics, 2002
"Sean's songs are well-crafted, burning with desire and danger," Mark Linkous, aka Sparklehorse, 2007.
"Sean, I love your music." Robin Olson, film composer (Eric Clapton, Madonna, Elton John) 2008.
"None of his music expresses madness, it’s all good." Tina Sieber,  make use of, July 2010.
"Wright is a crusader of free legal music... emotional lyrics and compelling vocals,", Nov 2010.
"Wright has the gutsy growl of a countrified Bob Dylan and the skill at turning phrase as solid as anyone turning out tunes in Nashville,", Aug 2011.

Sept 2004
Maybe Tomorrow

Sept 1997
IPC Vol.1
  Mar 1997
  Dec 1996
Travelling Potential
  Nov 1996
The Crossraods

Aug 1996
Begin Within
March 1996
The Weaver
Nov 1995
I Hear A Bell

Sept 1995
Blue River
May 1995
Closing Numbers

 April 1995

Oct 1994
Open & Learn

April 1994
That Face Is You

Oct 1993
Light A Light 

April 1993
Love All, Serve All
Sept 1992
Singing Harmony
July 1992
Blue Skies
May 1992
Like A River
April 1992
Divine Device
March 1992
The Secret
Jan 1992
Sing, Dance, Celebrate
July 1991
In A Cup

Aug 1986
Never Too Young

Sept 1983
Halo In A Tree

Oct 1980

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